World TuTu Day

World TuTu Day

2nd Feb 2022

And World Tutu Day has arrived!

It is a celebration of the classic ballerina outfit normally held on February 2nd, it is a celebration of more than just the dress but of the whole world of ballet, its history and place in modern society.

Originating in Australia, International Tutu Day is a special day celebrated by dancers and dreamers around the world to support ballet education and celebrate the world of ballet and how it has inspired the classic tutu, which has become an iconic fashion piece for all ages around the world.

The tutu was first introduced to the world by ballet dancer Marie Taglioni. ... While there's no definite story behind the garment's name, it's likely that it came from the French children's word “tu-tu,” which means “bottom,” since it's worn around the ballerina's waist.

How have you been celebrating world tutu day?